Makerbot opens 3D Photo Booth, 3D Systems sues Formlabs and more.

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November 23, 2012


MakerBot Introduces 3D Photo Booth In Its New York Store, Print Your Face In 3D

Tuesday, November 20th was the official grand opening of the MakerBot Store in New York. Head over to 298 Mulberry Street and you can buy MakerBot printers, filament, and pre-made items, such as bracelets, watches and toys. And that’s not all.


3D Systems Sues 3D Printer Company Formlabs For Patent Infringement, Sues Kickstarter Itself For Promotion

3D systems has filed a lawsuit against both Formlabs and Kickstarter for patent infringement. Formlabs is the manufacturer of a low-cost 3D printer called the Form 1. Thanks to the stereolithography printing technique, the Form 1 can achieve professional grade 3D printing in a small hobbyist printer. It quickly became a Kickstarter success. Yet, in 1997 3D Systems patented stereolithography applications and now wants reparation from Formlabs, and Kickstarter who promoted the printer.

3D printed biorobot will enter your gut to track and destroy toxins

When researchers boast rather casually that making new variations of their invention is as simple as editing a CAD file, we might assume they are talking about a new sort of coffee mug, or perhaps a revolutionary spool for garden hose. Certainly such a simple and cost-effective design process could never give rise to something as complex as a bio-robot, a chimera of industrial gel and living tissue designed work inside the human body. However, after researchers at the University of Illinois set themselves the task of creating just such a robot, that’s precisely what they did.

3D Printing and the Rise of the Makers

Q&A with Bre Pettis, Founder of MakerBot

Cubify launches free 3D printed photo app

3D Systems, the company behind the low cost Cube 3D printer, have launched a service which converts regular photographs into bespoke 3D printed cards.

Inside Thingiverse, The Radically Open Website Powering The 3D Printing Movement

In September the Brooklyn, N.Y. firm Makerbot started selling the $2,200 Replicator 2, its latest and most polished 3-D printer, a machine that extrudes ultrafine strands of heated plastic in layers to turn software models into detailed, solid objects just as easily as a traditional printer turns a Word document into ink on a page. But the less visible ingredient behind Makerbot’s success has been Thingiverse, its online collection of software models that encompasses everything its users can imagine.

3D printing vending machine automates the invention process

The popularity of 3D printing has exploded, but even as prices for the devices have fallen, not everyone is prepared or able to shell out the cash necessary start experimenting. But what if there was a 3D vending machine that made experimenting quick and easy, without the printer investment? Well, now there is.

Why Chris Anderson thinks 3D printing will be bigger than the web

Chris Anderson recently exited one of the top jobs in publishing – Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine – to pursue the life of an entrepreneur, making a big bet that 3D printers represent a massive new phase of the industrial revolution. Here's why.

The next step in MakerBot’s 3D printing revolution: Your face

MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis says this sort of stuff often, and he’s usually right. The things he and MakerBot have created seem ripped from science fiction. And the MakerBot 3D Photo Booth, MakerBot’s latest invention, is no exception.

3-D Printing Branches Out With New Wood-Based Filament

Printed plastics? So 2011. And high-end printers have been working with metals and ceramics for some time. But now the 3-D printing community is toying with a material more natural in origin: printed wood.

Products and Designs

[Product] iPod 4G Hex Case

Protective and decorative case for the iPod 4G. Customize by adding your initals, name or company name.

[Design] Zip Top Bag

A 3D printed purse - though this one serves equally well as a pencil case.

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