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November 30, 2012
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Staples Announces In-Store 3-D Printing Service

A new service called “Staples Easy 3D” will allow customers to upload their designs to Staples’ website, then pick up the printed objects at their local office supply megastore, or have them shipped to their home or business — not unlike the photo- and document-printing service the company already offers.

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3D printer creates objects from NASA moon material

Researchers at Washington State University have successfully 3D printed basic shapes with simulated moon rock, offering the first glimpse of a future in which off world explorers or colonists may be able to fabricate parts and components composed of lunar or Martian surface matter.

Researchers use 3D printer to make cartilage

3D printers are having wide application in the field of medicine, where they are being tested to see if they can be used for printing parts of the human body. Though not quite there yet, the latest creation from a hybrid printer is the printing of cartilage, the first time this has ever been done.

DIY kit appears for 3D-printed quadcopter

Adam Polak just designed a quadcopter made out of 3D-printed parts. Obviously, there is some assembly required, and some technical know-how to get the thing to fully operate, but the entire kit is available for purchase in case any serious DIY-er wants to try it out.

Want a Flying Drone? These Students 3D-Printed Their Own

It was supposed to be a big moment for the two brothers — both University of Virginia engineering students — the culmination of months of designing and refining. On a sunny day last August, Steven Easter and Jonathan Turman stood in the middle of a verdant field at the Milton Airfield in Charlottesville, VA, and watched anxiously as their 6.5-foot-wingspan drone aircraft taxied toward takeoff position.

Portable and Affordable: New 3-D Printers That Cost Less Than $500

The system that helped launch the home 3-D printer market has been a bit overshadowed. A couple new machines deserve attention though, offering unique features that the more mainstream devices don’t have. One of those printers is the $699 Portabee ($480 unassembled), based on the RepRap Wallace, which brings low cost and portability to the 3-D printing market.

Fully 3D Printable Guns Waiting on Firearms License

Working plastic guns made by 3D printers could end up in testing by year's end. But the "Wiki Gun" makers must first get government approval of their U.S. federal firearms license before moving ahead with their plans.

Products and Designs

[Product] Wearable Planter No. 3

A small necklace to carry plants with you throughout the day. Works well with a small succulent planted inside, or fresh picked flowers.

[Design] Nexus7 Stand

This is a Nexus7 stand embossed with the Nexus X logo. It supports the tablet in portrait or landscape with minimal blocking of the speaker and excellent stability.

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