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December 21, 2012
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3D-Printing Firm Makerbot Cracks Down On Printable Gun Designs

In the wake of one of worst shooting incidents in American history, the 3D-printing firm Makerbot has deleted a collection of blueprints for gun components from Thingiverse, its popular user-generated content website that hosts 3D-printable files.

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3D-printed X-Cube is the hardest Rubik’s cube ever (video)

Dane Christianson, an enterprising creator at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Idea Shop, used a 3D printer to create what he calls the “X-Cube,” a 3-by-3-by-3 Rubik’s cube and what is arguably the hardest Rubik’s cube ever.

Joy Division and Daft Punk songs reproduced with 3D-printed records

Amanda Ghassaei has been working on a rather specific use of 3D printing: using it to help turn digital audio files into albums you can play on your record player.

3D printing gets cheaper and more portable

The new Portabee 3D printer is an attractive option because it’s reasonably priced at $480 unassembled. Add $200 to that price if you aren’t up to the task of assembling it on your own.

Must-Have Monday: Print your own chocolate holiday treats at home

A team in the UK has developed the Choc Creator V1, a 3D printer that uses chocolate to create intricate designs instead of plastic, like most 3D printers.

3D printing cancer drugs molecule-by-molecule, using DNA scaffolds

A company called Parabon Nanolabs has recently developed a suite of CAD tools and technologies to design and print biomolecules and body tissues.

3D Printing Resurrects 'King Richard III' Inn

A medieval inn where England's King Richard III spent the night before going off to die in battle has undergone minor resurrection through 3D printing technology.

Here's a Tiny Printer for Your Smartphone

When Andy Muldowney created the Kickstarter campaign for mPrinter, "an analog printer for a digital world," he posted a goal of $10,000. Seventy-two hours later, the campaign raised $20,000 in pledges. Within a few months time, the small thermal printer that prints dynamic snippets of information (called "mPrints") has crowdfunded more than $88,000 from 704 people.

China looks to 3D printing for manufacturing edge

The world's largest manufacturer is looking to locally-developed 3D printing tech to help improve efficiency among domestic production houses, but R&D and application efforts need to accelerate.

Autodesk to help create 3D design software for printing human tissue

Software giant Autodesk is partnering with biomedical startup Organovo to create 3D design tools for printing tissue. The project, will result in software that works with Organovo's NovoGen MMX bioprinter, currently one of the only commercial systems for printing biological materials.

Products and Designs

[Product] SNAKE Collection -necklace-

SNAKE Necklace is a part of an entire jewellery set including armband and ring. It is produced with the strongest nylon material so it has a good heat resistance and flexibility.

[Design] Earbud holder

Yet another earbud holder. Not like we have enough of those here on Thingiverse, right?

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