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3D Printing Letter


December 28, 2012
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NYC's 3DEA Store Printing Out 3D Trinkets, Including Adult Toys

A new pop-up 3D printing emporium in New York City's fashion district called 3DEA is giving visitors a glimpse into that future. You can purchase a selection of 3D-printed items, and order actual 3D printers.

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Researchers use 3D printing and self-assembling DNA to revolutionize drug development

Researchers at Parabon NanoLabs have created a new way to develop and test medications that's more accurate and even faster than traditional drug development methods that rely on trial and error.

3D printing with metal: The final frontier of additive manufacturing

Two technologies on the horizon will offer us resolution parts. Two-photon laser curing and the femtosecond laser make it possible to print high resolution metal parts, available at Shapeways.

Invent It, Create It, Produce It: Introducing the LulzBot AO-101 3D Printer

Welcome to a world where quieter, faster and higher resolution are a reality, introducing the LulzBot™ AO-101 3D printer from Aleph Objects, Inc.

In Transit to 3D Printing Boom, Ford a Major Player in Digital Revolution

In Ford’s Silicon Valley Lab, Dave Evans creates a custom vehicle gauge and emails the 3D design to Zac Nelson in Dearborn. Nelson uses the MakerBot® Thing-O-Matic™ at his workstation and prints up a physical prototype. The future of research and development is happening right here and now at the desks of these Ford engineers.

Products and Designs

[Product] Success Kid

Show off your success (or someone else's) with this perfectly re-created sculpture based off the popular meme.

[Design] Earbud Box v4 with Keychain

Place your earbuds in the box and wrap the wire around the outside. When you've finished wrapping place the jack back in the box, feeding the wire through one of the available slots. Slide the lid on to secure the earbuds.

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