3D printing rockets in popularity during 2012. Happy New Year!

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January 04, 2013
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The Best 3D Printers On The Planet

The most recent issue of Make Magazine offers detailed reviews on a number of popular models of 3D printers, breaking down each of their strengths and weaknesses. So which printer should you buy?

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3D printing rockets in popularity during 2012

According to Google Trends, interest in 3D printing in 2012 grew at its fastest rate yet but is still significantly less searched for than 3D TV.

4300-pound Objet1000 3D printer is for the big jobs

There’s a big, mad rush right now to get 3D printers to a point where they can be in people’s homes. Meanwhile, on the industrial side of that coin — which is often undercovered as we focus on the price drops and accessibility of 3D printing — companies are building dining room table-sized 3D printers like the Objet1000.

3D printing is the future of manufacturing (infographic)

In a very well-thought-out and comprehensive infographic, Sculpteo lays out not only the basics of what 3D printing is but also how current manufacturing businesses can integrate the technology into their own operations.

Valley of the digital dolls: how MakieLab creates ultra-personalised action figures

The team at MakieLab are taking on the might of Barbie and Moshi Monsters with MAKIES: 3D-printed dolls with a virtual world to explore.

This Chinese Startup Wants to Bring You a 3D-Printed, Smartphone-Controlled Drone [VIDEO]

We don’t find hardware startups in China as often as we’d like – but we’ve stumbled across what looks like the coolest we’ve ever seen. The team of tinkerers and ‘makers’ behind AngelEyes is prepping crowdfunding for its upcoming HeX Air Robot, a smartphone-controlled drone that looks like some sinister stealth helicopter (pictured above).

Products and Designs

[Product] Nanolet - iPod Nano Bracelet

Everyone's wearing their Nano on their wrist nowadays, now you can wear it on a one part 3D printed nano bracelet.

[Design] Blossoming Lamp

This lampshade consists of 14 interlocking pieces printed at once. When you pull up on the top, the blossom opens, allowing more light out.

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