Create your own 3D printing filament by recycling plastic, 3D printers at CES and more.

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January 18, 2013
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Filabot recycles everyday plastic into 3D printer 'ink'

Filabot, the world's first personal filament maker, is here. Your desktop 3D print works will be twice as productive (and infinitely more affordable) with a Filabot in the mix. That's because Filabot replaces your costly filament supply with a free, recycled one made from your own discarded plastic.

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Congressman Says He'll Propose Ban On 3D-Printable Gun Magazines

The DIY gunsmith group Defense Distributed has set out to prove the impossibility of crafting effective gun control legislation in the age of cheap consumer 3D printers. But at least one congressman seems eager to try.

Still emerging (for now): The 3D printers of CES 2013

No 3D printer vendor had a cavernous booth at CES. Only MakerBot held a press conference, but it was only a low-key presentation on the show floor, not some over-produced auditorium-filler.

Cubify can now replicate you as a 3D-printed Star Trek character

Cubify has announced a partnership with the Star Trek franchise to offer 3D-printed Star Trek figurines that you can put your face on. Users will be able to simply send their photographs to Cubify and get back a personalized figurine as tall as seven inches and outfitted in the uniform of the original '60s television series.

How 3D Printing is now helping NASA get to space

According to Makerbot, the most well known in a crop of companies developing low cost 3D printers, 3D printing is being used by NASA engineers to develop parts for models, including for the Mars Rover, Curiosity.

DIY 3D-Printed Molds for Custom Chocolate Bars

If you'd like to make a few novelty chocolate bars for an event or just because, you can do so without too much trouble by 3D-printing or hand-carving a relief image, making a silicone mold of that image, and pouring melted chocolate into the mold.

Products and Designs

[Product] iPro lens mount for iPad 3 - Stick on

What do this odd thing do anyway? It's simple: mount the iPro lensystem from Century optics to an iPad, with double sided tape

[Design] OpenRC 1:10 Truggy Concept RC Car

A 3D printable 1:10 Radio controlled truggy car.

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