Formlabs Form 1 in production!

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February 15, 2013
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Formlabs Form 1 3D desktop printer in full production

3D printing enthusiasts will get a lot of laser-like precision for their buck from Formlabs. The Formlabs Form 1 3D desktop printer is in full production, and that is big news for tinkerers and creative tech types.

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What Does Obama Know About 3D-Printed Guns?

Assault rifle ban? Check. High-capacity magazine ban? Check. Better background checks? Check. 3D-printed gun regulation? Wait, is anybody talking about 3D-printed gun regulation?

Could Sandboxr be the solution to user-friendly 3D modeling and printing?

A new company called Sandboxr aims to reduce that 3D printing knowledge gap by giving users simple, web-based tools to manipulate 3D models so they can create unique, custom-made objects without touching complicated modeling software.

‘Affordable’ Cubify 3D Printing System Starts Shipping

3D printing is finally starting to arrive in the home and today one such unit, called Cubify, has begun shipping from US company 3D Systems.

Check Out This Tiny 3-D Printed Spaceship

The tiny spaceship in this video was built using a microscale 3-D printer. At 125 micrometers long, the craft is about the length of a dust mite, and it took less than 50 seconds to produce.

Here come the 3D printed cars, courtesy of Canada

The car in this case is the Urbee, a tiny three-wheeled economy car with an electric motor, internal combustion engine, and 3D-printed frame. Designed by the Manitoba-based Kor EcoLogic, the Urbee was manufactured using a Stratasys Fortus printer, which is able to cut down on parts by printing the Urbee in roughly 50 large blocks.

Products and Designs

[Product] Papillon Hearts Pendant

A specially customized version of the Papillon pendant with hearts.

[Design] Guitar wall bracket

A bracket to hang your guitar on the wall. It holds a Squier Showmaster which weighs about 4KG.

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