A 3D Printing pen, a 3D printed ear and more!

3D Printing Letter


February 22, 2013
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3Doodler: The World's First 3D Printing Pen

It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!

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As 3-D Printing Becomes More Accessible, Copyright Questions Arise

Many people think 3-D printing could help spark a manufacturing renaissance in the U.S. — even President Obama highlighted this technology in his State of the Union address last week. But as 3-D printers and 3-D scanners get cheaper, this nascent industry could be roiled by battles over intellectual property.

3D-printing gun site DEFCAD now attracting 3K visitors an hour, 250K downloads since launch

DEFCAD is a website for 3D printing of guns. It’s bathed in controversy, but that’s not preventing it from growing.

3D-Printed Jewelry's Designs on the Future

Designer Ovitz partnered with Shapeways for the 3D-printed jewelry that accompanied the rest of her looks down the Fall 2013 runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

3D-Printed Vehicles Take Fast Lane to the Future

What will you be driving in 2040? Hold on to your seats because the vehicles of the future can hover, launch straight up into space and travel at unprecedented speeds. However, you'll enjoy the road and skies alone, if the vision of this year's 3D-printing winners comes to pass.

3D-printed ear created in lab

With 3D printing, it seems the things you can make are limited only by your imagination. The latest innovation: a 3D-printed artificial ear.

Products and Designs

[Product] Guybrush Voodoo Doll

You can play with your own Guybrush threepwood voodoo doll! The doll cannot stand on it's feet but his feet are flat so if you lean him against something he should stay put.

[Design] Decorative Cat Bowls

Here are three cat bowls designed for dual extrusion.

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