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3D Printing Letter


March 02, 2013
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Airbnb for 3D printing, Makexyz links designers to local printer owners

The 3D printing service industry may only be in its infancy, but someone has already found a way to disrupt it. Makexyz is a 3D printing service with a brilliantly simple premise: Link the 3D printer owners of the world with the designers that need them. It’s like Airbnb or Wheelz for 3D printers.

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MakerBot and Nokia Partner for 3D Cases for the Lumia 520 and Lumia 820

You can now head over to, where you can find 3D printing plans for hard cases for the upcoming Lumia 520 and the already-released Lumia 820. The case can be printed in most colors available for the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer.

Nike shows off first-ever 3D-printed athletic cleat

Nike is showing off a new cleat designed to help American football players excel in the all-important 40-yard dash. NFL scouts regard the dash as incredibly important, and Nike's new shoe is designed to help athletes decrease their times.

The first 3D-printed plastic car is as strong as steel and half the weight

Large-scale 3D-printing is becoming a reality. New, 3D printed cars can use less parts and lighter materials to offer the same functionality and safety with less complexity and energy required.

3D? Feh. MIT has already moved on to 4D printing (video)

The bad news: just as much of the world is starting to get excited about the prospects of 3D printing, science is moving on to the world of 4D. The good news: in the future, you might not have to assemble that Ikea chair yourself.

Products and Designs

[Product] Eggbot

Eggbot takes his inspiration from the mechanical marvel that is Robby the Robot from the 1956 science fiction classic, Forbidden Planet.

[Design] 1.75mm Filament Clip

Small clip that snap on to spools and holds the end of the filament to prevent it from unraveling.

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