A look inside Solidoodle’s 3D printing factory.

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March 08, 2013
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Meet the future of manufacturing: A look inside Solidoodle’s 3D printing factory

When you think of a factory that manufactures goods, you might imagine a huge space filled oversized machines all working away in an assembly line. That’s not the case for production line at Solidoodle’s Carroll Gardens factory in Brooklyn, New York.

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Micro 3-D Printer Creates Tiny Structures in Seconds

Nanoscribe, a spin-off from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, has developed a tabletop 3-D microprinter that can create complicated microstructures 100 times faster than is possible today.

Your 3D Printer Could Eat Empty Milk Jugs Instead of Expensive Plastic

Oh 3D printing. You're so glamorous. You're so cool. But, let's be honest, you're soooo expensive. Maybe instead of printing with $30 spools of plastic you could print with empty shampoo bottles and milk jugs. Oh, you can do that? See, this is why everyone loves you.

Urbee 2 Hybrid is Strong, Light 3D-Printed Car

The Urbee 2 is a futuristic 3D-printed car with three wheels and a hybrid engine and also features top speeds of 110 mph with a carrying capacity of 1,200 lbs. The car was created by Jim Kor with the aim of redefining modern vehicular transportation with sustainability.

How an 83-Year-Old Inventor Beat the High Cost of 3D Printing

Kaplan and the Pocket Factory‘s Bilal Ghalib were at the Inventables office bemoaning the high cost of filament when Ghalib had a brainstorm: Why not challenge the community to create a low-cost, open-source machine which could convert pellets into filament?

Mobile Makers: MakieLab's 3D-Printed Dolls Get iPad App, Safety Certification

MakieLab, based in London’s Shoreditch, have been one of the more interesting applications of the trends of 3D printing and mass customization in the consumer space.

WobbleWorks has raised $2m for its 3D printing pen 3Doodler on Kickstarter

Boston, Massachusetts-based WobbleWorks was hoping to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter to fund the development of ‘the world’s first 3D printing pen’, dubbed the 3Doodler. Yesterday, the campaign hit the $2 million funding mark, from over 23,000 backers, with nearly three weeks left.

This DIY, 3D-Printed Violin Is Nearly Ready To Play Beautiful Music

Like many complex 3D-printed projects, this violin isn’t entirely made on a 3D printer but it’s interesting nonetheless. It is a violin that costs about $12 to build and uses paper, 3D printed parts, and some cheap wire to make an instrument that, while not pretty to look at, is definitely capable of making some sort of music.

Chris Anderson: 3D printing is a terrible technology for making guns

Regulators shouldn't worry about 3D printers being used to build guns because it's easier to buy them in Walmart, says Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics and former editor of Wired US.

Microsoft launching Kinect based 3D scanner called Fusion

With interest in 3D scanning and 3D printing growing, Microsoft Research has said high quality 3D scanning will be available to Windows and Xbox users soon.

Products and Designs

[Product] Lotus Top

The Lotus top is a graceful form that embraces the upper body, accentuating the shoulders and clavicles. It's name comes from its unique design that lacks any fasteners. The Lotus Top blooms at the center opening, allowing the wearer to put her head through and rest it comfortably on the neck and shoulders.

[Design] Customizable Battery Case (magnetic)

Customizable case for carrying cylindrical batteries. Requires small cylindrical magnets to hold the case closed.

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