Exclusive: An interview with a Project Manager at Makerbot!

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March 15, 2013
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An Interview With Tracy Turner - Project Manager at Makerbot

This week, I’ve had the privilege to talk to Tracy Turner, who is a Project Manager at Makerbot. I asked her a few questions about life at the Makerbot offices in NY. For those who don’t know Makerbot, they make really cool stuff.

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MakerBot launches the true 3D printing beginner’s tool at SXSW

Called the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner, this new device lets you scan objects and re-print them without worrying about some of the more confusing logistics. It’s fantastic for recreating a broken link on your bracelet or making a replica of your favorite cup. Instead of inputting a design, you can just throw whatever you want to recreate onto the scanner and let it work its magic.

How 3D Printing Will Transform Medicine And Manufacturing

When will 3D printing start fundamentally changing the business landscape—or are we there already? Business Insider talked to Jochen Rode, who heads the digital manufacturing program of SAP’s research department in Dresden, Germany, about which industries this new technology affects most, as well as how long it will be before doctors start printing out our organs.

75% of a human skull replaced with 3D-printed material

We’ve been able to aid the body’s own repair of damaged bones for a relatively long time, but now we’re ready to use 3D printing to completely replace damaged bone. Now, 75% of a patient’s skull has been successfully replaced with 3D-printed material, and this is just the beginning.

Dreambox 3D Printer Vending Machine Lets You Buy Whatever Your Heart Desires

We’ve seen some pretty unusual vending machines these past few years, ranging from the playful to the extraordinary and downright strange. The soon-to-be-released Dreambox, however, is in an entirely different league. It doesn’t sell any specific goods because there’s nothing on display except a 3D printer.

Dita Von Teese shows off first 3D printed gown

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese modeled a very revealing gown recently with a unique twist: It was printed rather than sewn.

3D Printed Pottery From Your Mobile Phone

France‘s Sculpteo recently teamed with Polish publishing company, Infinate Dreams (iOS and Android) to create a mobile app that lets you design and paint pottery on your smartphone or tablet, send it directly from your device to be 3D printed and then mailed to anyone you want, anywhere in the world.

3D Printing With Paper At Your Local Office Supply Store? Yep, If Mcor Has Its Way

Late last year, Staples Europe signed a deal with a little company called Mcor Technologies. Because Mcor makes printers, you might not find this all that surprising, save for this one small detail: with Mcor’s printers, you’re more likely to make a key chain than print off a copy of your resume. That’s because Mcor makes 3D printers, and if that’s not enough to make this an interesting deal, then consider what material Mcor uses for its 3D prints... Yep, that’s right: Mcor printers make 3D prints with standard office paper.

Products and Designs

[Product] Bleeding Heart Rose

Love hurts...but it's fashionable. Clip on back slides into your pocket or hangs on a pin. It can also be strung as a necklace. Depicting the beauty and pain associated with love.

[Design] WALLY - Wall Plate Customizer

Whether you need a USB port, a plank port, a toggle switch or an HDMI port... you can print it!

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