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March 22, 2013
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3D-printed gun site Defense Distributed gets official with license to make and sell firearms

3D-printed gun site Defense Distributed has obtained a federal license to manufacture and sell firearms, the organization announced last Saturday on Facebook.

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Sculpteo Shows Us What 3D Printing Is Really Good For: Creating Adapters For Old iPod Docks

Sculpteo, a French 3D printing company, is now offering custom iPhone adapters for older iPod docks, allowing you to add connect to your old Bose, Sony, JBL, and other docks with the new Lightning connector. Obviously you need a Lightning adapter but the $17 pieces will make it much easier for you to connect your phone to these older docks.

Where to find a 3D printer nearby

The demand for 3D printers is on the rise. But, if you don’t have access to one, 3D printing can seem expensive and inefficient, holding back your design. Fortunately, out of this need is growing new innovation for making 3D printers available for anyone with a design. makexyz.com is a simple website that allows anyone with a 3D printer to rent out their services to anyone with printing needs. The site shows all the 3D printing options nearby, with the cheapest showing up first with all the details of the printer. Need to print with full color sandstone? This is your place.

FabCafe, a Collaborative 3D Vision For Coffee Shops

Alongside the usual cafe fare like caffeinated drinks and small bites is the heart of FabCafe's vision, a studio where local designers can rent use of a laser printer to cut from Adobe Illustration files for about $20 per 30 minutes. Rather than going the way of a Kinko's where people come in to use the machines and leave in a hurry, FabCafe draws the local design community with artist lectures and workshops.

EZ3D Printer on Kickstarter

We’ve reported before that Kickstarter and 3D printing have been going hand in hand for some time, we see a new printer or 3D printing related project on Kickstarter on almost a weekly basis, none more famous than the 3D printing pen 3Doodler. It comes as no surprise that we’ve got another new 3D printer this week, EZ3D Printer.

Makerbots' Pre Bettis talks about the new "Digitizer" (Video)

At his opening remarks at SXSW Interactive last week, MakerBot cofounder and CEO Bre Pettis announced the 3D printing company’s latest product: the Digitizer, a desktop 3D scanner. The Digitizer is still in the prototyping phase, but it will ultimately be able to scan any object and turn it into a model that can be 3D printed. Currently, people normally use software to design those models.

Flexible 3D printing material is ‘world’s first’

Materialise has announced the official launch of its new flexible 3D printing material, the TPU 92A-1. The fully functional material is designed to offer a high tear resistance, high resistance to dynamic loading and high abrasive resistance.

Interview: Solidoodle founder sees a coming 3D-printed age

Last April, Solidoodle was the first company to introduce a sub-$500 3D printer. What started off as an affordable printer for everyone has become a popular printer among schools in particular, and a viable manufacturing method in its own right. Here's an interview with Solidoodle founder Sam Cervantes to talk about what the 3D-printing business is like, and to pick his brain about where he thinks 3D printing will go next.

Would you trust this 3D-printed snowboard?

How would you feel about plummeting down a white powdered moutain at high speeds on a slab of plastic that you designed, printed out and assembled yourself?The adrenaline junkies over at Signal Snowboards are fearless by nature, and have taken up the challenge – 3D printing out full-sized snowboard pieces out of carbon-based powder and bonding them with resin.

The “Pirate Bay” Of 3D Printing Called Defcad Seeks To Raise Funds

Defcad, the group who gained a lot of heat last year from critics due to its manufacture of 3D printed gun parts, is back in the spotlight. Currently it is seeking funding for its new project according to PCMag.

Products and Designs

[Product] J Stand for iPhone 4/4s

The J Stand is a clever stand that positions your iPhone in two different ways. One position is great for viewing a video while sitting and the other position is optimal for viewing while standing. The J Stand can be used by the bed side if you use your iPhone as an alarm clock or it can be used for showing your friends that latest cat video on YouTube!

[Design] Customizable Cable Tie

A Cable Tie that works and can do the heavy lifting ! Can be customized for various purposes including a hole for a Screw and a Release Tab.

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