Makerbot Replicator 2, 3D printing in the medical world and more

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September 21, 2012


Makerbot Releases The $2,199 Replicator 2.0, A Leap Forward In Home 3D Printing

Makerbot has just announced the Replicator 2.0, a brand new Makerbot Replicator with a larger build plate, coated metal chassis, and improved software as well as better print resolution. In short, this is the Makerbot all grown up.


Ten ways 3D printing is changing the medical world

3D printing has changed the world in quite a few aspects, especially within the medical world. Some of the things that this technology can do will blow your mind, and it could potentially save your life, too.

Makerbot: Fixing Misinformation with Information

A clarification on the Makerbot Replicator 2 and its open source nature. Is the MakerBot Replicator 2 Open Source?

Kickstarter prehistoric dinosaur back to life with 3D Scaning and 3D printing

Award winning Paleoartist Tyler Keillor has been working with many palenotologists and museums preparing fossils, creating skeletal reconstructions, and sculpting flesh models of prehistoric life at the University of Chicago since 2001. For his new project - to create the most realistic, accurate, and up to date life-reconstruction of the predatory dinosaur Dryptosaurus, Keillor launched a Kickstarter project for getting help from the crowd.

BotQueue: Distributed control of 3D printers on the net

BotQueue is an open source system for distributing print jobs to multiple 3D printers via the internet. It allows users to start print jobs and check their progress online.

3D-Printable Gun Project Hits Its Fundraising Goal Despite Being Booted Off Indiegogo

A firearm anyone can download and print in their own home may be the most controversial application yet of consumer 3D printing. But some gunlovers, it seems, want to see it happen badly enough to put their wallets behind it.

Bald Eagle Sports 3D-Printed Beak

A bald eagle with a busted kisser got a new lease on life when it became the recipient of a 3D-printed beak. This is the work of a team of engineers and a dentist, who helped a bird sanctuary called Birds of Prey Northwest output the nylon polymer appliance from its 3D printer device and attach it to “Beauty,” a disabled bird that was shot in the face in 2005.

RepRap Makes The First 3D Printed DSLR Camera

RepRap, makers of fine self-replicating 3D printerse, offers us a glimpse of the future. Their future is one where advanced electronics can be built in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price. Their latest project offers us a small look at what that future might look like.

Structural Strength for 3D Printed Works

Objects created using 3D printing have a common flaw: They are fragile and often fall apart or lose their shape. Researchers at Purdue and Adobe's Advanced Technology Labs have jointly developed a program that automatically imparts strength to objects before they are printed.

3D Print Shop Brings New Dimensions To Greenwich Village

Makerbot, a pioneer in the 3D printing world, has opened up a brick and mortar shop that's sure to wow even the most unique gift giver.

Products and Designs

[Product] Birdsnest Eggcup

The eggcup can hold a medium egg and due to the flexible nature of the printing material, it will adapt its shape to larger eggs as well.

[Product] A.N. Pen Holder

This pen holder is inspired by nature, with an artificial twist. Pretty neat!

[Product] Ipod nano 6G Watch Band Adapter

Wear your iPod nano 6th generation as a luxury watch. Attach your existing watch band, or any standard band up to 20 mm wide.

[Design] Universal iPhone camera mount

Universal iPhone camera mount for attaching your iPhone to anything you want to film. Designed for filming timelapse videos of 3d prints or anything you want.


Disruptions: The 3-D Printing Free-for-All

An older article (November 2011) on 3D printing and copyright law.

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