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March 29, 2013
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How to answer 3D printing questions at a cocktail party

People’s reactions to 3D printing vary greatly, and when talking about any new idea, there’s a lot of misconceptions about what 3D printing can and cannot do, and hence, subsequently, what it’s good for. Given you want to wow your next date or draw the rapt attention of your fellow party goer, here are some common questions asked.

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Short documentary going inside 3D-Printed gun operation 'Wiki Weapons'

A comprehensive, slightly less than 25-minute documentary has been made about the project that ultimately seeks to publish a design for a 3D-printed firearm that is safe and durable.

London-Based Startup 3D Aims To Become The Google Of 3D Search

Halfway between the Chinese factories and Silicon Valley tech giants, right in the heart of London’s emerging tech scene, is a startup that aims to revolutionize both manufacturing and internet search.3D (3DI) commercializes advanced 3D search technology, creating applications based on its geometric shape-based 3D search engine

MakerBot To Enable Gamers To 3D-Print Their Own OUYA Android Console Cases

MakerBot and OUYA announced a partnership that will allow gamers to print their own OUYA game console cases at home. The partnership will see OUYA create 3D design files for, MakerBot’s 3D printing design repository, which are designed to be used with the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D printer.

How 3D Printing Actually Works

How do 3D printers actually work? How can something that looks like our household printer or office photocopier create complex, solid objects in a matter of hours?

Army Uses 3D-Printed Tentacles to Help Robots Manipulate Objects

3D printing and modeling robots after animals are two of the top trends in their respective fields. Now research by the Army has merged the two in the design of self-sealing suction cups to allow robots to grasp and pick up objects. Designed based on the suckers on the tentacles of an octopus, the invention could have applications for robots that can be used to replace humans to perform dangerous tasks and pick up and move objects and/or debris, according to Army scientists.

RigidBot 3D printer on Kickstarter

Not a week goes by at the moment without another 3D printer appearing on Kickstarter. Just as the most successful project on Kickstarter, 3Doodler, finished its funding period with a whopping $2,344,134 pledged of $30,000 goal, we’re treated to another project with Invent-A-Part Inc’s RigidBot 3D printer.

The latest threat to 3D printing: stupid, broad patents

If you’re a 3D printing pioneer with a focus on innovation, patents are probably the last thing on your mind. And that could be your undoing. While lots of experts have argued that our current patent system is almost irrevocably broken across all industries, it poses a particular problem for young ones like 3D printing. Why? Because 3D printing folk are so busy innovating that they’re not paying enough attention to how existing patents factor into their work.

World's largest 3D printing shop to open in London

3D printing stores have been popping up around the world for some time now, Solidoodle recently announced they’d be taking over the former U.S.S.R., MakerBot opened their store in Manhattan, and Wired had a pop-up shop, complete with 3D printing, on Regent Street, London at the back-end of 2012. None of those are as big or as comprehensive as one opening in Central London in April this year, iMakr Store.

Products and Designs

[Product] Bouquet - Champagne / Wine Bottle Sleeve

“Bouquet” is a personalized Champagne / Wine Bottle Sleeve made exclusively for you. It is the perfect gift for any occasion (Wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and etc.) where you simply would like to transform that boring bottle into an elegant centerpiece whether using it on a bridal table at a Wedding or to just enhance your Home Décor.

[Design] Windmill coat hanger with mechanics

The mill exists out of different parts that are locked together. This way you can use a lot of fancy colors without dual extrusion. The dual color vanes are printed by pausing the print process and switching filament when the bottom half was printed.

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