The first ever 3D printed snowboard

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April 12, 2013
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Meet Photon: A low-cost 3D scanner that helps replicate physical objects

No design software needed anymore. Photon, a relatively low-priced 3D scanner scans objects in 3 minutes and creates a software design automatically.

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London School of Fashion exhibition shows 3D-printed fashions

See shoes, glasses and jewellery from designers creating fashions using 3D printers and see them being created.

Signal creates first ever 3D-printed snowboard

Signal Snowboards shows us just how far technology has come with the production of the first-ever 3D printed Snowboard. Known for its innovative approach to snowboard design, Signal has already created many nonconventional boards such as a Lego board, a board with a built-in iPad and even a board that doubles as a fully playable xylophone!

3D printing comes to phones and games at MakerBot's first hackathon

MakerBot, in partnership with Thingiverse, invited programmers from all over New York to its scenic World Headquarters at One MetroTech Center to develop new 3D-printing apps using the Thingiverse API. It was an enlightening experience that demonstrated how much easier it has become to create a 3D-printable file.

Minecraft: The Future of 3D Printer Design?

For all those who think the best games can offer is an understanding of how to kill monsters with glowing bits: futurist John Robb reckons Minecraft may be the way for today's kids to figure out 3D printing.

3D printed speakers give you a custom light show to go with your tunes (video)

Using the Objet Connex 500, an advanced 3D printer, someone was able to print single objects that seamlessly integrate two different materials, as opposed to less expensive printers that output one substance only. In this case, he combined a flexible rubber and a hard plastic to print out a pair of crystal orb speaker housings.

UCreate3D uses 3D printing to bring custom cases to any smartphone

Using 3D printing, UCreate3D solves one of most basic problems about smartphone cases: Getting a decent one for a device that’s not an iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy phone.

Yeggi launch 3D models aggregator

A German based startup is hoping to be the one stop shop for 3D printing fans everywhere. Yeggi is an aggregator pulling in 3D models free for you to download from the top sites like Thingiverse, Ponoko, YouMagine etc

Barobo Launches 3D Printed Robot Kit

Barobo, Inc., an innovator of educational robotics, announced today the launch of the Mobot-A robot kit, a 3D printed robot for schools in need of educational application for their 3D printers.

Products and Designs

[Product] 3D Photo Frame

3D Photo Frame is manufactured in strong and flexible polyamide, available in white and black, plus Shapeways seasonal colors.

[Design] 3D printable bottle and screw cap

A small bottle and screw cap that you can print on your 3D printer.

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