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April 19, 2013
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EFF To Challenge Six Innovation-Stifling 3D-Printing Patents

As 3D printers become more ubiquitous, small manufacturers have two choices – build and hope for the best or cede to patent trolls who own a number of basic patents around extrusion and additive manufacturing. Sadly, more of those patents are being filed daily and many have plenty of prior art available that would make them unwelcome at the Patent Office.

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Harvard kids use 3D printing to help the blind ‘see’ paintings

For the visually impaired, the basic problem with art is that they can’t see it. But with a project called “Midas Touch” a group of Harvard kids say they have a fix: Use 3D printing to help the blind “see” what they cannot actually see.

High-end audio company uses 3D printer to make a better tonearm

A New Jersey manufacturer of high-end turntables has chosen 3D printing because they claim it results in a product that's actually superior to one made using traditional manufacturing.

3D-printed canal home takes shape in Amsterdam

Amsterdam-based Dus Architects plans to print a canal house in Amsterdam, the Dutch capital. It's worth taking a moment to reflect on that premise; the machine will not modestly 3D-print the usual cup, curtain ring or piece of jewellery, but an actual building.

Blurb Launches Print-On-Demand Magazine About 3D Printing

Publishing platform Blurb has partnered with design blog Dezeen to create Print Shift, an experimental magazine about 3D printing that is made to order for every reader, individually. The 60-page, advert-free publication will cost £8.95 and, thanks to its transient nature, the creators have absolutely no idea how big any given production run is going to be.

How 3D printing Meetup group led to world’s largest 3D printing store

3D Focus talks to iMakr founder & director Sylvain Preumont ahead of the iMakr 3D print store opening in central London on April 30th.

NASA proves 3D printing is headed to the stars

3D-printed space technology is no longer science fiction, as NASA and other space companies are making it a reality. Engineers and researchers at the Ames Research Center are already working with 3D printing technology to make it applicable for use in both space travel and the study of our universe, according to a recent CNET report.

Products and Designs

[Product] Klein Bottle Opener

The Klein Bottle is a mathematical joke: a surface with only one side. This one feels just right in your hand and opens bottles with ease and style. Built to last in steel, it's the perfect touch for any math fan's kitchen.

[Design] Box with Lid and screw holes

A small box with lid and screw holes that can be used to keep your personal belongings safe.

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