3D Printing Company Shapeways Raises $30 Million

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April 26, 2013
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Shapeways, the Etsy of 3D printing, raises $30M

Andreessen Horowitz is leading the round as Shapeways builds out its marketplace for people to build and sell 3D-printed products.

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Filastruder: A Cheaper Alternative for 3D Printer Materials Raises More Than $207,000

The Filastruder is about to go after getting enough funds through crowdfunding. Currently, the startup project that promises to come up with cheap 3D printer materials has now gained an astonishing pledge amounting to more than $207,000 as of today.

Has 3D printing in the home been over-hyped?

Since 3D printing hit the market and machines such as MakerBot made it affordable for ordinary people, there has been no end of hype about what it will achieve. Has 3D printing in the home been over-hyped?

Forget thermoplastics — Mcor says the future of 3D printing is in paper

For a slightly unconventional take on 3D printing, consider Mcor Technologies’ Iris Printer. Unlike the plastics-based printers of companies like Makerbot and 3D Systems, Mcor’s Iris printer creates 3D objects with layers of paper.

The 3D Printing Expo's Coolest Creations

PCMag spent several hours at the Inside 3D Printing conference at New York City's Javits Center this week, where about 30 vendors showed off their wares: 3D printers, objects printed by them, 3D scanners, and CAD and 3D modeling software.

3D-Printed Weapons Builder Says He's Ready to Print Entire Handgun

For Cody Wilson, the world's most notorious 3D printing gunsmith, it all started with a simple question: "Can you use a 3D printer to print a gun?" The answer to that question might come sooner than anybody expected, as Wilson says he will 3D-print an entire handgun in just a couple of weeks.

Products and Designs

[Product] Clothoid.A Lamp

Clothoid.A lamp is created by a mathematical curve formula and then that spline is lofted in 3d CAD software. Resulting form is parametric and adjustable in almost infinite number of combinations.

[Design] SLIDE | Printable iPhone Slider

Introducing SLIDE -- the fully printable iphone slider! Makes cinematic panning shots as simple as sliding your mobile phone across your desk.

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