Shapeways introduces Maker Materials and the New Improved Elasto Plastic

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May 31, 2013
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Shapeways introduces Maker Materials and the New Improved Elasto Plastic

Shapeways announced the launch of its first 'Maker Only' material: a flexible, rubbery plastic called Elasto Plastic! The finish, color, and properties are not yet ready for sale to a wider audience, but it's a perfect material for any Maker out there who can work with a textured surface and maybe a little extra powder arriving with their model.

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NSW Police issues warning on 3D printed guns

New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione today issued a warning on the potential for 3D printed guns to be used in serious crimes in the state.

3D Printed ‘Bionic Ear’ Hears 1000000x Better Than Normal Human Ears

Priceton University scientists have developed a bionic year that hears much better than that of a normal human’s, and it was printed off a 3D printer.

3D printing is nothing special

A father 3D prints some jewelry for his daughter. When the print job was done, he called her back in and said “Look, here it is, I printed it for you!!!”. To which her reply was much like the previous one regarding the process. She said “Thanks daddy” and then put it on her wrist and skipped away to get on with her 3 year old life. In the end, 3D printing is nothing special.

How 3D Printers Could Reinvent NASA Space Food

A NASA-funded project that aims to transform a 3D printer into a space kitchen could one day reinvent how astronauts eat in the final frontier.

3D-Printed Urbee City Car is Efficient, Light and Nearing Production

Hell, we’ve come a long way in the world of technology, especially in an automotive sense. With companies like Tesla paving the way in green technology, start-ups like Jim Kor’s Urbee- a 3D-printed hybrid city car project- are becoming the wave of the future.

How does the world's first full-color 3D printer work? We ask its creators

A few weeks ago, we were absolutely excited over the over the prospect of the ProDesk3D, a full-color 3D printer in the works from a New York-based startup named botObjects. Unlike every 3D printer that we've seen so far, the ProDesk3D color palate isn't limited to a handful of pre-colored spools of plastic. This printer promised to create a whole rainbow of colors, not unlike an inkjet printer using a five-color cartridge.

App Makes it Easy to Design Your Own 3D-Printed Ring

3D-printing studio Shapeways unveiled a new app Wednesday that allows customers to create their own 3D-printed rings without the need for sophisticated 3D-modeling software.

Jeff Bezos on 3D Printing

Last Thursday, Amazon investors met at the Seattle Center to review the company’s future business strategy and also pose questions to Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO. Among the numerous questions that Bezos fielded, one of the more speculative and, in my opinion, interesting . The questions was whether 3D printing would change the way products were manufactured and distributed in the near future.

Introducing ANA: 3D printing meets cryptography and data storage

In the words of its creator, ANA is the process of "manifesting data into self-portraits." And in the case of the shapes created thus far, that means your email address. A simple, physical expression of data, unique to you.

Five Reasons Gunmakers Have Nothing To Fear From 3D Printed Guns

On the surface, it seems that 3D printed guns will hurt traditional gun manufacturers such as Smith & Wesson (SWHC) and Sturm, Ruger & Co. (RGR), but the reality is likely to be quite different for the foreseeable future. Here are five reasons why 3D printed guns will not hurt gun manufacturers.

Products and Designs

[Product] "Embrace" ring in tightening arms around lover's body, allowing souls matching perfectly.

[Design] Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures

Joy Division's iconic cover by Peter Saville representing PSR B1919+21 waveforms.

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