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September 28, 2012


Formlabs creates low-cost 3D printer

A trio of MIT grads with impressive backers announced a new machine, called the Form 1, that can potentially bring professional-grade 3D prints to the home workshop.


Turning a shipping container into a 3D printer

Built inside a 20-foot shipping container placed on its end, the Kamermaker – ”room maker” in Dutch – is one of the largest 3D printers we’ve ever seen. Able to print objects as big as 2 meter square and 3.5 meters high, the Kamermaker is designed to print huge objects including furniture, architectural elements, and even entire rooms.

NASA Hopes to 3D Print Spacecraft, Replacement Parts in Space

NASA has a special projects wing dedicated to giving small chunks of money to promising startup companies named Innovative Advanced Concepts program, or IAC. The latest proposal, coming from Made In Space, a small company from the Singularity University, is to launch a 3D printer especially designed for printing out spacecraft structures.

California's first 3D printer retail store to sell $600 model

Deezmaker, the West Coast’s first 3D printer retail store, opened on September 23, 2012. That will bring the grand total of 3D printer retail stores in America (and possibly the world) to two. Bre Petttis’ MakerBot store in New York opened on September 20 to much fanfare in the maker and tech communities. That store sells MakerBot’s own Replicator 2 to the tune of $2,200. Meanwhile, Deezmaker will sell its own recently Kickstarted "Bukobot" for just $600.

Formlabs’ 3D Printer Reaches Kickstarter Goal In Less Than Three Hours

The group behind the Formlabs 3D printer were asking for only $100,000 to help fund the manufacturing and material costs. They got the required amount in two-and-a-half hours. Amazingly enough, the funding didn’t stop there.

Can you really just print your own working firearm with a 3D printer?

Just because 3D printing will make production more attainable by individuals, does that mean that everyone should be able to produce whatever they want? That hypothetical conundrum has a new reality to it with the announcement that Wiki Weapon, which aims to release plans to allow anyone to 3D print working firearms, has been fully funded.

LAYWOO-D3: 3D Printing Gets Wood

There’s now a 3D printing material that lets you output wood parts. This material, called LAYWOO-D3 is made from 40% recycled wood, along with binding polymers to hold it together. It’s loaded into a 3D printer as a thin filament, and when printing is complete, it forms a wooden surface not dissimilar from pressboard.

A Way To Invest In Biotech And 3D Printing, All At Once

A cheaper alternative to buying into the 3D printing trend may perhaps be Organovo, a 3D "bio-printing" company that specializes in printing functional human tissue. Organovo has developed and commercialized the first 3D bio-printer, called NovoGen MMX, which is capable of creating living tissue used to model specific body parts.

Products and Designs

[Product] Master Pyraminx

A Rubicks Cube in the form of a Pyramid. Can you solve it?

[Design] Raspberry Pi Case 2 (RasPi)

A case for the Raspberry Pi, an ARM GNU/Linux box for $25.


TEDxVienna - Klaus Stadlmann - The world's smallest 3D Printer

A very cool, slightly outdated TED talk on the world's smallest 3D printer.

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