3D Printing Vending Machine. Now live on the UC Berkeley campus.

3D Printing Letter


May 31, 2013
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3D Printing Vending Machine. Now live on the UC Berkeley campus.

Simple: print it, get a text message, pick it up.

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MakerBot in acquisition talks, says report

MakerBot, one of the biggest names in the personal 3D printer business, is in acquisition talks. That's according to The Wall Street Journal, which reported Wednesday that the Brooklyn, N.Y., company is in discussions with possible buyers.

'I Printed a 3D Gun'

In early May, Cody Wilson, the world's most famous digital gunsmith, fired the first entirely 3D-printed handgun, the Liberator, and posted its blueprints online. The idea was to give anyone with an Internet connection, a computer, and a 3D printer the chance to do the same.

Your Thoughts Printed As 3D Objects

If you’ve ever wished you could just think objects into existence and skip all that design and development work, now you can. Thinker Thing is an Chilean company that aims “to create the software to interface the latest neuro-technological equipment with the latest in 3D printing machines to literally make objects with the power of thought.” Sounds far-fetched, but Thinker Thing creators have already done so to make a small toy-like arm. Here’s how it works.

Sub-$400 3D printer, The Buccaneer, passes $500,000 on Kickstarter in just 4 days

The project from Palo Alto-based Pirate3D Inc only launched on May 30 and already its campaign has passed the $500,000 mark, as noted by SGE – and it followed an impressive first 10 minutes in which pledges topped its $100,000 goal. Certainly the product is ideally timed given the current focus on 3D printing, not to mention that it is supremely affordable and simple.

China's 3D printing revenues to reach $1.6bn by 2016

The Chinese economy is on track to replace the US as the world's number one financial power - and it is bringing 3D printing with it on its rise to the top of the pyramid.

Entrepreneur designs 3D printing business with low costs in mind

Nestled in a non-descript building near Spadina and Queen, which also includes Toronto-based startup Trendhunter, is an office with five start-ups. In the corner of this third floor office sits the founder of Draft Print 3D, Andre Tiemann. Surrounded by three 3D printers, Tiemann may as well be printing money.

3D printing projects win £14.7m Government investment

Business Secretary Vince Cable has unveiled a £14.7m cash pot for innovative 3D printing schemes. UK firms will benefit from £8.4m provided by the Technology Strategy Board and Research Councils, who will invest in projects that hope to bring in an additional £6.3m from private investors.

Introducing 3D Printed Drawing: Hands On With The 3Doodler

Prepared to be amazed by one of the most successful projects to ever come out of Kickstarter. So impressive is this product, it ended up exceeding the fundraising target of $30,000 and raised $2,344,134. Meet the 3Doodler - a pen that allows you to draw in the air, and described by the founders as the world’s first 3D printing pen.

Products and Designs

[Product] Tribal Hummingbird pendant

Show off your love of hummingbirds with this trendy tribal hummingbird pendant!

[Design] iOS App Icon Keychains

3D Printing with different colors is fun! Some designers put together their favorite iOS app icons and made keychains out of them for you to 3D print your own!

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