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June 14, 2013
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3D Printing Helps Ford Cut Production Time on Some Parts by 25%

Companies are continuing to reap the benefits of 3D printing, a decades-old technology that has increased in popularity over the past few years as the prices of printing machines and materials have come down. The Wall Street Journal recently took a look at how three major U.S. manufacturers — Ford, GE and Mattel — are using 3D printing to cut costs and production times during the prototyping phase.

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Amazon embraces the future with its own 3D printing section

The company has launched its own dedicated section to the technology on its website, where shoppers can find printers, printer filament, books, software, and accessories all in one place.

Makerbot Updates Their Design Software And Firmware To Make 3D Printing Easier

Makerbot, besides making a darn nice printer, offers some amazing software for laying out and printing objects. Their product, Makerware, is free to download and use and supports some other 3D printers including the FlashForge. The new software adds some interesting features to the package including improved support structures and rafts.

3D Printer Manufacturer Stratasys In Acquisition Talks With Makerbot

Makerbot, the Brooklyn-based 3D printing company, is in talks with Minneapolis/Israel-based Stratasys regarding a possible acquisition by the latter, according to a source close to the matter. While Makerbot founder and CEO Bre Pettis refused to comment on speculation, and in fact told reporters “We’re not going anywhere” at a factory opening on Friday, persistent rumors of a sale or new funding have followed the company this year.

Modelbox 3D on target to launch home 3D holographic printing

Modelbox 3D has reached 50% of its Kickstarter funding goal with two weeks still remaining to launch 3D art product. ModelBox 3D is a 3D display that can appear to make colour 3D images float in an acrylic box using images printed from a regular 2D inkjet printer.

3D Printing Now at the Mountain View Public Library

The Mountain View Public Library will be a buzz with its newest acquisition—a Makerbot 3D printer. The printer, which can get preloaded with software of the objects to make, was made possible by a $15,000 grant received from the Pacific Library Partnership.

You'll be able to buy a 3D printer at Staples by the end of June

Though industrial firms have used additive technologies in rapid prototyping for years, the tech is still fresh and growing in the consumer segment. The latest sign of the 3D printer home invasion? Retail office supply chain, Staples, says they’ll sell the 3D Systems Cube 3D Printer online and in retail stores by the end of June.

3D Printing Can Now Re-create an Entire Classic Car

The emergence of 3D printing allowed those who could afford such a machine the power to craft custom replacement parts for car. Now that printers are growing cheaper and more sophisticated—and can handle materials such as metal—the possibilities are limitless.

MakerBot Opens New Factory, Prepares 3D Scanner

Desktop 3D printer company MakerBot has cut the ribbon on a new Brookly, New York factory ahead of the release of its 3D scanner this year.

Products and Designs

[Product] Longing Knife

A Stainless Steel Dagger to arm your neck. From the artwork 'Longing' by Eloise H.R., now you can hold this infamous dagger in your hands! Chain not included.

[Design] Bird Cage

Four Part Expandable Bird House. Model of a scalable Birdcage constructed from four 3D printed parts and dollar store wood "Shish Kabob skewers". Door opens and swings.

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