Stratasys Acquiring MakerBot In $403M Deal.

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June 21, 2013
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Stratasys Acquiring MakerBot In $403M Deal, Combined Company Will Likely Dominate 3D Printing Industry

Last Wednesday Stratasys announced that it has acquired MakerBot, as first reported, in a stock deal worth $403 million based on the current share value of Stratasys.

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MakerBot's Replicator 2 joins Amazon's newly launched 3D printer store

Granted, it's not a 3D printer in every home, but it's surely a step in the right direction. MakerBot announced today that its Replicator 2 will be joining Amazon's new 3D Printer Store, a central location on the site for devices, accessories, books and the like.

Inside 3D Printing Chicago

Inside 3D Printing Conference attracted 3,000 attendees and top exhibitors like MakerBot and 3D Systems to its inaugural event in New York. Now, after months of exponential growth and tremendous 3D printing coverage in the news, the conference will head to Chicago this July 10-11.

A Tour of the New Makerbot Factory, Where 3D Printers Are Born

MakerBot is building an empire selling printers that make things—but have you ever wondered where the printers themselves are made? On June 7th, the company opened a huge new factory to accommodate the booming demand for Replicators, and we got a first-hand look inside.

NASA develops 3D printer for space missions

NASA has partnered with space manufacturing company Made In Space to develop a 3D printer built specifically for microgravity. The 3D printer is built to withstand the environment in space and uses extrusion additive manufacturing to build items layer by layer using polymers and other materials.

3D-printed lithium-ion micro-batteries developed

US researchers announced they have successfully used the three-dimensional (3D) printing technique to print lithium-ion micro-batteries the size of a grain of sand.

Here's The Vision Behind MakerBot, The 3D Printing Startup That Sold For $403 Million

Bre Pettis, a former schoolteacher, and his co-founders Adam Mayer and Zach Smith started MakerBot Industries in 2009 with the hope of making 3D printing more accessible.

Will this $100 RepRap be the device that takes 3D printing to the masses?

"I started trying to build a 3D printer around two years ago," Harley says. "But my first designs were really bad. The problem was that in South Africa you couldn't get any 3D printer parts, so you had to make everything yourself.

Products and Designs

[Product] Bicycle Bottle Fender Mount

This 3d printed mount works with most plastic bottles, like Coke, Evian ect. You can just clip it on your bike - no glue or screws needed!

[Design] Hawaii Relief Map

Here is a relief map of Hawaii, the Big Island. It is based on a NOAA digital elevation model or DEM

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