A 3D printer that uses—wait for it—printer paper.

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August 09, 2013
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A 3D printer that uses—wait for it—printer paper

Most 3D printing is done with different types of plastic, but as we’ve said before, there’s more than one kind of machine that falls under the “3D printer” umbrella. Along with the devices that print organs and cars, there’s one that uses the last material you’d expect: printer paper.

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Enthusiast 3D prints an Aston Martin DB4

New Zealand enthusiast Ivan Sentch is in the process of 3D printing a 1961 Aston Martin DB4. Engadget reports that he bought a $499 Solidoodle 3D printer and has been working on this project since December 2012.

A high end 3D scanner for $1000? You bet!

Another day, another Kickstarter story, and another 3D scanning product – but Fuel3D could seriously shake up the professional 3D scanning industry.

It's the first affordable 3D printer - creating tiny models in half an hour from computer designs. But what is it for?

The Velleman is the first 3D printer on Britain’s high street, and surprisingly affordable at £700. It’s a cousin of the ‘sintering’ machines used in industry to create prototypes, and it prints out 5in 3D models by melting plastic filament and fanning it into solid shapes.

UPS to Offer 3D Printing Service in Retail Stores

The Store Becomes First American Retailer to Offer 3D Printing Services

Cheaper 3-D printers begin to leave mark

3-D printers have long been used in the aerospace and automotive industries to create prototypes, but the technology has slowly crept into the consumer market with simplified printers that can be had for a few hundred or thousand dollars.

iMakr launches 3D printing school in London

A 3D printing company in London’s trendy Clerkenwell is launching an in-store tutorial service as part of a bid to get businesses interested in the technology.

Products and Designs

[Product] Bodyboard Fins Necklace

Bodyboard Fins Necklace Pendant. Design is based on Churchill Makapuu bodyboarding fins. Made for those who love bodyboarding or just the ocean in general.

[Design] Antique Diver's Suit

Today's installment of this shark-packed series is an underwater diver's suit! Originally intended to hold candles, the top latch can swing open, as does the front hatch. A few parts rotate, too. Be forewarned that the joints aren't yet perfect, so some scrapping and glue may need to be involved.

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