Low-cost desktop printers, 3D printed replacement parts and the NYC Maker Faire

3D Printing Letter


October 5, 2012


PandaBot: A Friendly Affordable 3D printer

PandaBot: A 3D printer for everyone. Affordable, easy to use, and elegant.


Embracing 3-D Printers, Manufacturer Tells Customers to Print Their Own Replacement Parts

Want a new part for your synthesizer? Need a replacement knob or dial? In a first, one company is telling its customers to just print their own. It’s a move that signifies a major step into a new commercial marketplace, where customers can buy products directly from companies for on-demand, at-home manufacturing.

Printrbot's Amazingly Cheap Machines Let Anyone Make Anything

Printrbot, now sells three models of super-straightforward, easy-to-assemble 3D printers. Printrbot recently won two Editor's Choice awards at the New York Maker Faire—one for the Printrbot Jr., the highly portable $400 printer, and one for the Printrbot Go, a larger one that folds up into a briefcase.

3D printer safari at Maker Faire NY 2012

3D printer heaven at Maker Faire. From home-brewed contraptions to the new, MakerBot Replicator 2, there was a printer for every need and price level. If you’ve been following 3D printing — as an hobbyist or professional — this was the place to be.

3D Printing And Light The Focus Of Disney Research

Disney has announced they are exploring this 3D printing potential by showing off printed optics and 3D printable light bulbs. With these printers, Disney says they’ll be able to test out new toys more quickly than ever before.

Cubify lets you skin, 3D print your own personal Android

Sick of letting everyone else skin your Android for you? 3D printing service Cubify is helping you fight back with Bugdroids, a customizable version of Google's lovable green mascot.

Home 3D Printing Is Killing The Manufacturing Industry

A collective of hackers recently rented a 3D printer to build a real, working gun. The group, Defense Distributed, began the project but once the renter, Stratasys, discovered what they were building, they took the printer back.

3D printing for fun and profit: a serious hobby grows up

There were 76 exhibits in the 3D printing category at this year’s Maker Faire, and the two tents devoted to it were jammed. Attendees handled interlocking cubes, spherical lattices, bracelets, and brightly-colored figurines at every table, repeatedly asking, "This was 3D-printed?" even though the answer was always yes.

Products and Designs

[Product] Tea Light Cooker

This little cooker is designed around the lowly tealight. First meals have been with a standard tealight as the heat source and safflower oil inside the cooking vessel with minced green tomatoes, Portuguese sausage, and sliced garlic. Excellent to make a variety of dishes.

[Design] Marble run magnets for your fridge

Get ready to roll with this magnetic marble race track! It’s simple to build and easy to expand - the only limit’s the size of your refrigerator door!

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