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3D Printing Letter


October 25, 2012


The future of higher education: reshaping universities through 3D printing

Like a mini museum, a collection of 3D-printed models are displayed within the the century-old Mackay School of Mines Building, a three-story atrium -- attracting a mix of students and teachers. Even more popular than the displays of plastic gears and molecule models, however, are the two 3D printers that made them: a professional-grade Stratasys uPrint SE Plus and a hobbyist 3DTouch machine by 3D Systems Corporation.


Cheaper 3D printers open up a world of possibilities

The revolution will not be televised, but it might be printed. Once the plaything of car and aerospace companies, 3D printers are becoming more affordable, allowing anyone to make everything from doorknobs to beer-opening iPhone holders.

Linknode launches 3DTry.it visualisation tool at 3D Printshow London

Stirling-based software developer Linknode has launched a cross-platform preview application for use by 3D printers, designers and their clients at the 3D Printshow London 2012.

Mayor Bloomberg plugs cutting-edge 3-D printing technology

Imagine designing say, a pair of scissors, on your computer, hitting print — and out pops a plastic version of the snippers. That’s more or less what Mayor Bloomberg did to demonstrate a mind-blowing manufacturing technology called 3-D Printing that the city is hoping to jump start and promote.

Formlabs FORM 1 high-resolution 3D printer spotted in the wild, we go eyes on (video)

Last time we checked in with the 3D printing upstarts over at Formlabs, their Kickstarter was doing splendidly, having over doubled its initial funding target. Well, less than a month later, and with the money still rolling in, the current total stands (at time of writing) at a somewhat impressive $2,182,031 -- over 20 times its initial goal. When we heard that the team behind it, along with some all important working printers, rolled into town, how could we resist taking the opportunity to catch up? The venue? London's 3D print show.

3D printed airplane successfully takes test flight

Researchers have successfully built and flown an unmanned aerial vehicle, using 3D printing technology.Engineering students from the University of Virginia posted a YouTube video of a plastic turbofan engine they had designed and built using 3D printing technology.

Printcraft: Turn your Minecraft creations into 3D printed models

Paul Harter saw just how much his children were getting out of Minecraft and, seeing its creation tools as a doorway towards more complex CAD design software, created Printcraft. It lets Minecraft players turn their creations into physical 3D objects through 3D printing.

Please Try to Contain Yourselves: NYU Professors Develop a Real Live Tractor Beam

NYU professors David Ruffner and David Grier have developed a way to harness Bessel beams in order to pull particles towards a laser source. The result is the beginnings of a very tiny tractor beam capable of moving silica spheres suspended in water.

EFF Fights To Protect 3D Printers From Illegitimate Patents

3D printing and access to said printers have grown exponentially in the last year as the technology becomes more affordable for all. That being said, there are those who would rather restrict the technology for their own profit instead of making it open source. Now the EFF has joined the fight to keep 3D printing open and innovative.

Products and Designs

[Product] 36 pencil bowl

Examples of pencils that fit are Stabilo Aquacolor 1600, and Caran d’Ache Prismalo I, but there are many more. I’ve recently heard that in the US, Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils (available from Amazon and others) work well. Normal black pencils often have the same size and shape and can be used too.

[Design] Recycling Bin Key

A key to open up the bane of my life, the recycling bins distributed by Glasgow City Council Inc. Those things actually make recycling difficult, by having a small hole in the top that you can't fit large milk bottles or cereal boxes through without folding them over, and which also have bristles to thank your effort with a fine spray of bin juice.

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